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About this Course

Postilion Basic Training focuses on the tasks that operators and administrators are required to carry out regularly. These include monitoring the system, preforming queries, maintenance operations, and first-level troubleshooting. The course does not deal with how to perform installation or initial configuration, as these are tasks that are typically performed by Postilion engineers.

Who is the Course for

This course is aimed at anyone who operates or administers a Postilion payments system. The core modules are generic in nature and are applicable to any EFT environment. The elective modules are tailored to specific environments, for example, retail point of-sale in the case of the eSocket.POS module.

Course Content

Module 1: EFT Overview

Introduction to Payments Basic Training

  • Introduction
  • Point-of-sale environment
  • ATM environment
  • Cards and routing
  • Payment cycle
  • Basic Postilion payments terminology
  • EFT protocols

Payments system overview

  • Postilion Payments product family
  • Postilion Payments solutions

Module 2: Realtime

Introducing Realtime

  • Architecture
  • Transaction Manager

Getting started

  • Training scenario
  • Services
  • Application security
  • Realtime Management console


  • Configuration consoles


  • Realtime Monitor


  • Transaction query
  • Cards query
  • Audit query

Maintenance tasks

  • Checking system resources
  • SQL server database tasks
  • Changing the PAN encryption key

Troubleshooting and support

  • Sources of information
  • Support framework

Module 3: PostCard

PostCard Overview

  • Introduction
  • PostCard concepts
  • Functionality overview
  • Regulatory and industry compliance

Getting started

  • Training scenario
  • Services
  • Accessing PostCard
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Card, account, and customer inquiries
  • Documentation

Validation services

  • Introduction
  • Checking card status
  • Checking whether the card is on hold
  • Checking whether the account is on hold
  • Expiry date checking
  • PIN verification
  • Card verification
  • EMV authentication
  • Validation data matching
  • Track 2 value matching
  • Address verification service
  • Retrieving linked accounts
  • Velocity checking

Risk management

  • Risk management

Authorization services

  • Overview
  • Transaction processing
  • Synchronizing information

Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Realtime Monitor
  • Tracing

Module 4: Office


  • Office architecture
  • Office application security

Getting started

  • Training scenario
  • Office services
  • Office Management console
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Running Normalization
  • Monitoring processes
  • Querying transactions

Extracting data

  • Extract plug-ins
  • Extract jobs
  • Querying extract results


  • Introduction
  • Recon plug-ins
  • Recon jobs
  • Querying recon results


  • On-demand reports
  • Scheduled reports

Module 5: ATM Driving

ATM-driving overview

  • ATM processing environment
  • Basic ATM concepts

ATM-driving framework

  • Self-Service Framework
  • ATM-driving interfaces

Introduction to AtmApp

  • Fundamental AtmApp Concepts
  • AtmApp Features

Taking an ATM into service

  • Realtime Management Console
  • Required Preconfiguration
  • Configuring a New Terminal
  • Entering Service Sequence

Daily ATM-driving operations

  • Monitoring Terminals
  • Using ATM Commander
  • Batches and Cutovers
  • ATM Reports


  • Support Cards Rejected
  • Transactions Consistently Fail
  • ATM Does Not Take a Load
  • Configuration Changes Do Not Take Effect
  • Problems Experienced with Dispensing and Cassette Configuration
  • Problems Experienced with ATM Balancing
  • AtmApp Cannot Process Messages Received from the ATM

Module 6: eSocket.POS

Getting started

  • Postilion retail payments system overview
  • eSocket.POS functionality
  • System architecture
  • Training scenario
  • ConfigServer Management Console

Configuring base settings

  • ConfigServer Base Console
  • Configuring account types
  • Configuring currencies
  • Configuring countries and regions
  • Configuring system properties

Configuring card products

  • ConfigServer Cards Console
  • Adding stand-in limits
  • Adding limits classes
  • Adding account profiles
  • Adding card types
  • Adding card products
  • Adding card sets
  • EMV card parameters

Configuring software components

  • ConfigServer Software Components Console
  • Defining devices
  • Modifying pipeline components
  • Defining custom classes
  • Defining source entities
  • Defining sink entities
  • Defining custom parameters

Configuring terminal profiles

  • Accessing the Store and Terminal Configuration Console
  • Adding a terminal profile
  • Associating software components
  • Adding merchandise profiles
  • Adding lane profiles
  • Adding connection types


  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Troubleshooting Config Agent
  • Troubleshooting ConfigServer
  • Troubleshooting the eSocket.POS machine

Module 7: TermApp


  • Architecture
  • Features and Functions
  • Benefits

Adding terminals

  • Training scenario
  • Terminal Management
  • Realtime configuration
  • TermApp.Framework configuration

Messages between terminals and TermApp

  • Key exchanges
  • File action requests
  • Financial transactions
  • Terminal reconciliation messages

Terminal monitoring

  • Realtime Monitor
  • Terminals Monitor
  • TermApp commands

Daily POS-driving operations

  • Failed transactions
  • Terminals reports

Course Details

  • MODE OF DELIVERY: Instructor-led, practical (lab-based).
  • DURATION: 4-7 days, depending on the elective modules included

Course Perks

  • Participant workbook
  • Presentation
  • Virtual machine training environment
  • Evaluation

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I have been able to understand the Postilion environment and I wish there were more hands-on practicals involved. It's a tremendous value that Interswitch handles payment and switching services that make payment services innovative and interface-friendly. What I liked most about the program was that the facilitators were knowledgeable and engaging and the others were collaborative, helpful, and enthusiastic. The classes were all provided with a high level of interaction and useful information that I can take and apply to my daily work

Mary Adelaja

UBA Bank

For the EFT overview module, I really gained a lot, there are some things I was not conversant with, but after the training, I gained more packets.

Nduka Chukwuma

Zenith Bank

I must say it was an exceptional experience. This program has truly exceeded my expectations in several ways. First and foremost, the quality of the content and the expertise of the instructors were outstanding. The trainers demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter and a genuine passion for teaching. They were patient, approachable, and always willing to clarify doubts and provide additional guidance. The training materials were well-structured, comprehensive, and easy to follow, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable.

Kaosarat Aduagba


The Postilion Training has helped to validate my previous knowledge in Payment Systems and also boost my confidence in working in an FEP environment. The manuals can also serve as a reference for me whenever I encounter any challenge while discharging my duties. It also gave me an opportunity to meet colleagues in other places of work, to interact and share useful knowledge within ourselves. Many thanks to Oluwatoyosi and Adegoke for making the experience an unforgettable one. It can only get better

Saheed Taiwo

Jaiz Bank

It was an awesome experience all through the training. The facilitators took the modules excellently. I will always want to come back for refresher courses or any other course by Interswitch.

Oluwatobi Meshioye

UBA Bank

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